Pereseal MP Multi-purpose Silicone Sealant

PERESEAL MP is a high quality elastic joint sealant that cures to form a flexible, durable weathertight seal with excellent adhesion on most common building surfaces, and suitable for a very wide range of sealing, jointing, glazing, and bonding applications.

Acetic Silicone


Easy application


  • 280 ml cartridges, 25 per carton

Colours available


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  • Very easy to apply
  • Fast skin formation
  • Permanently elastic after cure
  • Colourfast and UV resistant
  • Good weather resistance
  • Temperature resistance: -60°C to +200°C
  • Excellent adhesion to most construction materials, such as glass, metals, wood, ceramic, and fibreglass


  • All general construction
  • Woodworking
  • Roofing
  • Flooring
  • Ceramic tiles
  • HVAC ducting
  • Signs
  • Automotive
  • General sealing and jointing