Pereseal Products

Pereseal products are made with a focus on quality and consistency. With a wide range of products suitable for almost any sealing requirement, Pereseal products are used in a broad variety of applications, from construction joints to home sanitary sealing.

Pereseal acrylic sealant products are top-quality, paintable, plasto-elastomeric sealants ideal for general purpose caulking and grouting applications. In addition, Pereseal acrylic sealants are used widely in air-conditioner ducting due to its durability, value, and sound-dampening properties.

Pereseal silicone sealants offer advanced durability in creating water- and weathertight seals, having excellent water, chemical, and UV resistant properties. Pereseal silicone sealants are ideal for a wide range of sealing jobs ranging from glazing, cladding, ducting to sanitary applications in hot, humid conditions.

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Pereseal range of acrylic sealants and silicone sealants