Pereseal AF Anti-Fungal Bathroom & Kitchen Silicone

PERESEAL AF Bathroom and Kitchen Silicone Sealant is a first-grade anti-fungal neutral silicone sealant specially formulated for use in hot, humid conditions such as bathrooms and kitchens. Cures to form a flexible, waterproof seal, and contains fungicides for use in sanitary applications where protection against mould, mildew, and fungus is required.

Neutral Silicone




  • 280 ml cartridges, 25 per carton

Colours available


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  • Contains fungicides for mould and mildew resistance
  • Very easy universal application
  • Permanently elastic
  • Colourfast and UV-resistant
  • 100% silicone sealant with no added fillers
  • Non-staining to sensitive substrates such as ceramic tiles, marble, and granite
  • Very good adhesion to most construction materials
  • Almost no smell
  • Temperature resistance: -60°C to +120°C


  • For all sealing and jointing in sanitary applications
  • Sealing of baths
  • Sealing of sinks
  • Sealing of toilets
  • Sealing of showers and shower screens
  • Sealing of kitchen furniture and fixtures
  • Sealing of tiles and plumbing fixtures
  • Sealing of stone, granite, and marble counters and countertops

Standards / Specifications / Approvals

  • ANSI Z124.3: 1995 American National Standards For Plastic Lavatories Section 5.2 : Stain Resistance Test
  • ASTM C510 : 2016 STandard Test Method For Staining And Colour Change Of Single Or Multi-Component Joint Sealants
  • ASTM C1183/C1183M : 2013 Standard Test Method For Extrusion Rate Of Elastomeric Sealants
  • ASTM C639 : 2015 Standard Test Method For Rheological (Flow) Properties Of Elastomeric Sealants
  • ASTM C661 : 2015 Standard Test Method For Indentation Hardness Of Elastomeric-Type Sealants By Means Of A Durometer
  • ASTM C679 : 2003 Standard Test Method For Tack-Free Time Of Elastomeric Sealants
  • ASTM C719 : 2014 Standard Test Method For Adhesion And Cohesion Of Elastomeric Joint Sealants Under Cyclic Movement (Hockman Cycle)
  • ASTM C1246 : 2017 Standard Test Method For Effects Of Heat Ageing On Weight Loss, Cracking, And Chalking Of Elastomeric Sealants After Cure
  • ASTM C793 : 2005 (2017) Standard Test Method For Effects Of Accelerated Weathering On Elastomeric Joint Sealants
  • ASTM C794 : 2015a Standard Test Method For Ahdesion In-Peel Of Elastomeric Joint Sealants
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